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The doctors will see you now...

Who: Hospital staff
Where: Gamma Infirmary, classified side
When: Wednesday, June 16th
Invited: Anyone with a good reason to be there
Status: Incomplete

The 'secured side' of the Infirmary had been officially notified of their new guests. It was a little hard to hide the fact that a giant spaceship had landed in the clearing beyond the gate, and more, it was a foregone conclusion that the next stop on the whirlwind tour would be for a checkup.

From the outside, the only indication there was anything different about what occurred within were the two posted guards on either side of the door. IDs were lightly checked; who belonged there was well known, and if there was anyone added to the roster, a memo was sent and the name and face were quickly memorized.

Those who had come from the Atlantis expedition recognized almost immediately the 'build' of the ship, and the buzz was more of the fact that it was an Ancient ship rather than the people within. Well, okay... there was a great deal of speculation on who it was within, and the exam rooms were set up accordingly.

Dr. Jennifer Keller moved quickly around the room, making sure everything was in order. After checking it for what seemed to be the millionth time, finally, she simply stopped, took a deep breath, and entwined her fingers in front of her, ostensibly to keep herself from shifting yet one more thing. Forcing herself out of the room was rough, but she did it, and closing the door behind her, she took the short distance down the corridor to stop at the nurses' station. A quick, brief smile was given to those manning the desk before her hands started fidgeting again. She couldn't help herself, really...

She had been on shift since early morning hours, before dawn, and before the arrival of the ship, she'd started suffering from the early afternoon drags before lunch and her caffeine had kicked in. Her hair was pulled back from her face, and she wore her white medical jacket, her stethoscope curled up and tucked away in the pocket. A 'badge of honor' of sorts was set as a patch on her shoulder; SGC patch, but slightly differently stylized not to show the medical identification, but the Atlantean. Dr. Keller wasn't the only one who wore it, however, in the classified side; they'd brought a good number of their staff.

This visit was certainly enough of a 'wake up' call to not only allow her to finish her shift, but to keep her going on the adrenalin rush through the night as the tests were run and results studied. Exciting, really...

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