cbeckett_md (cbeckett_md) wrote in the_lifeboat,

For those left behind

Who: Nick
Where: The marketplace
When: Wednesday, June 16th, early afternoon
Invited: Everyone not offworld
Status: Incomplete

Well while a group did leave through the gate that morning for parts unknown, everyone else was left to simply go about life on Gamma. Nick was one of those left, since he wasn't entirely sure his sense of adventure was up to handling more then the wierdness he had already encountered since the announcements were made. The fact that he now lived on a world other then Earth was still hard to fathom at times, so he simply tried to put his life in as much order as he could manage. That meant being a cop once again, though today he had the day off.

Now Nick wasn't one for much in the way of shopping but his mother's birthday was coming up and he decided that he should probably try and get her something special. That is why Nick found himself in the marketplace, moving through the various booths, trying to find that perfect gift that would just jump out at him and declare itself the right thing for his mother. So far luck was not with him in that endeavor and he was beginning to think nothing would ever catch his eye.

Of course as usually happens, things are found when you stop looking for them and just as Nick was about to give up on shopping he noticed a crowd. He decided to head over and check out what was drawing people's attention. What he found was a glass blowing demonstration being performed by a husband/wife duo. The pair had many display pieces out and were in the process of showing everyone how to make a simple vase. This had definite possibilities.
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