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[Offworld] Walk and arrival to the encampment

Who: All who posted on the initial off-world post (and temped)
Where: Off-world, desert planet
When: Wednesday, June 16th, late evening
Invited: See above
Status: Incomplete

The walk back to the camp took that long, a day, as they'd suggested. The women the group had referred to as 'Amazons' were watching the men's progress, making sure they had enough food and water for the trip. Breaks were taken, and a few of the women paid a little extra attention to the needs of some of men later in the day. They'd watched how the women interacted with the men, an eye on Jade in particular, along with Summer and the young scientist Marcus had exchanged words with earlier.

Seema attempted casual conversation, though she maintained that touch of aloofness. She was interested in hearing where they'd travelled from, and had given little detail of their own nomadic life. Throughout it all, of course, was the wariness; after all, they too had been planted by the Goa'uld, or so the stories of their arrival to the world said in their oral histories.

Through sand and sun, they grew closer, and at night's fall, they were close enough to see the fires of the encampment. It was another hour before Seema stopped the group and turned to face them. To the side was a small gathering of tents, flaps closed, a couple of women sitting around. Curious eyes studied them, but for the moment, their guide's attention was on the shepherded travellers, Ami in particular. "This is where you are to leave your weapons." Seema gestured towards the small tents, "They will guard your items and return them to you when you depart."

As she spoke, her own band began to divest themselves of bows, of knives, handing them to the care of those who sat outside. Whispers passed between them, glances.. how odd those men looked! Stories were quickly passed, spoken quietly...

Seema waited, watching to see what was done. She didn't yet disarm, but she didn't hold her bow at ready either. Her gaze, however, was such that she believed she was more than prepared for any action-- after all, her group was there, and the encampment below housed more who could be roused for action.

(OOC note: If anyone wants to talk to any of the women, let me know. We can either do it via email, and post on extras, or.. run it on extras. :D )
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