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The Lifeboat Application

Before applying, please read the rules. Then email the following information to thelifeboatmods@gmail.com:

(NOTE: When your application has been received, you will receive an acknowledgment email stating that it was received. If you have not received the email within three days of sending your application, please post a comment to this post so we can sort it out.)

As of April 28, 2008 there is currently a moratorium on Original Characters. Please only submit application for fandom characters.

As of September 29, 2008 there is a moratorium on scientists. Plenty of other occupations are available and needed.

Player Info
LJ Name:
Email address:
AIM handle/Yahoo!/MSN/Google Talk (list all or as many as applicable):
Time Zone (if outside of the US, list country):
Age Statement (you must write a statement that you are over 18, including your age): Example: I am 37 years old, my year of birth is 1971.
How you found us:
Past RP Experience:

Character Info
Character Name:
Character Medium (television, book, movie):
Character Fandom:
Brief Biography: (This should be at least two paragraphs long. Please take this opportunity to assume that the moderator has never heard of your fandom or your character and needs to be given a thorough description)
Gamma Site Biography: What's your character been up to since arriving at the Gamma site?
Writing Sample: (Submit a piece of prose in the POV of the character for whom you are submitting this application. It can be on earth pre-game, during the early days of settlement, or anything else that strikes your fancy. We want to see that you know your character and can play them well.)

DO NOT post your application as a reply to this post. All such applications will be immediately deleted without reading or warning.
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