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Offworld again!

Who:All who'd 'signed up' on the OOC
Where:: Off-world, desert planet
When: Wednesday, June 16th, early afternoon Gamma-time
Invited: See above

All in all, the mission briefing repeated what the reports handed out had said. This was a mission for the eggheads.

Okay, while it didn't come right out and say 'eggheads', there was a great deal in the report that was geared specifically for the archaeologists (and therefore the anthropologists), the geologists, and, remarkably, the physicists. Toss in a botanist in there for good measure, and there was the making for an incredibly geeky good time. Which, in General Jack O'Neill's book, meant that the first and undoubtedly his last off-world trip was going to be FUN.

Still, it was a chance to go off-world and actually watch what the others were doing... and it was a chance to get Colonel Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson off-world. They'd been stymied as to who to select for their third team member, and as a result, had buried themselves in work, in telemetry, and all around made their feelings known exactly what they thought of being 'grounded' for such a long period of time. At least, to him.


Stepping through the 'gate, the world on the other side was dark, though the beginnings of a sunrise was forming in the distance over the expanse of sand. It was cool, the sky was clear but for a few clouds, with the potential of a warm day ahead of them. With sunglasses hanging around his neck, Jack O'Neill was once again stepping foot on another world. It felt good, after a fashion. Mission wasn't hard-- go look at some ruins, check as to why there was an energy source in the same area.

Dressed in desert fatigues with a tan-coloured, billed hat set low over his eyes, as each crossed over to the other side, he waved them in directions-- scientists were to form up 'over there', the military guard would be split up-- some would make sure the 'gate was secured, the rest would accompany the scientists to the ruins. (For the military, it was already determined by drawing straws, combined with the general's overriding veto.)

For the scientists, it was Lt. Colonel Carter's show. She was the one 'in charge' of the mission. Jack's part in it all was to 'lead the troops' to keep the geniusses safe. Thankfully, he tore out a couple of crossword puzzles and stuffed them into his front pocket, along with a pencil. Nothing. More. Exciting.

When everyone was over, Jack called out to those 'unlucky' enough to stand guard at the stargate, "We'll be back soon. Check in is in ever four hours. We don't check in, go home." Don't come after them. Nothing worse than having to worry about their potential 'rescuers' as well. Besides, if MiniMe heard about their lack of checking in, he was 'Plan B'.

"Okay, when you're ready, let's move 'em out."

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