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Reserved & Wanted Characters

Reserved & Wanted Characters
Current as of July 17, 2008

Players current accepted in and actively playing characters within the game have the option of reserving future characters.

Please comment on this post with the fandom and the name of the character you are reserving. All comments are screened, but the characters, once the reservation has been approved and accepted by the moderators, will be listed here.

If you reserve a character, you are expected to submit and application for the character and begin playing them at the earliest opportunity (ie, beginning the next time you are allowed to bring in a new character). Characters not brought into the game within two months of being reserved will be removed from the reserved list.

Reserved Characters

Fandom Character Name Reservation Expires
Charlie Jade Charlie Jade September 10, 2008

Wanted Characters

Fandom Character Name Date Request Submitted
Doctor Who Donna Noble July 17, 2008
Doctor Who Martha Jones July 17, 2008
Jake 2.0 Anyone February 23, 2008
Lost James "Sawyer" Ford February 23, 2008
Lost Sayid Jarrah February 23, 2008
Lost John Locke February 23, 2008
Lost Hugo "Hurley" Reyes February 23, 2008
The Office (US Version) Anyone February 23, 2008
Stargate Atlantis Rodney McKay February 23, 2008
Torchwood Jack Harkness July 17, 2008

NPC Characters are not reserved and are open for adoption/application.
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