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Where We Are: The Gamma Site

Gamma Site

Population: Approximately 7,000
Official Name: Gamma Site
Unofficial Planet Name(s): Earth II, New Earth, Gamma World, Middle Finger, Eden, New Eden, New Earth, Midworld, Midguard, Purgatory
Government: Currently under loose military control; future government will be a town council to be lobbied and elected when the game begins.

Location: The Gamma Site is located on a planet in a G2 solar system. The planet is a bit larger than earth when a longer revolution and rotation. Days are approximately 28 hours long, and the year is sixteen months. (Note: It took a full "year" for a calendar to be designed. The months are: January, February, March, April, May, May II, June, June II, July, August, August II, September, September II, October, November, December.)

Situated in a temperate area of the planet, the Gamma Site is located on an inland bay with close proximity to a river which supplies fresh water initially. It is hoped that in the future, the uses of the river will be expanded.

"Gamma Site," refers to both the planet and the colony site, including two smaller satellite sites of less than 500 colonists each that grew out of lumber jacking, foresting and scouting expeditions. When specifying a site, official names are "Gamma Prime," "Gamma Two," and "Gamma Three." (Though all variations have developed their own "unofficial" names over time.)

Flora & Fauna: To be updated

Animal Life: To be updated

Jobs/Occupations: Because this is a new colony, and not earth with all the amenities and luxuries (running water, indoor plumbing, electricity, etc), some people will find that their "old" job skills on earth are particularly useless. They will have to learn new skills and new jobs. An exhaustive list of occupations is here, and even this might not be complete.

Maps & Locations

Overland View of the Gamma Site

(Click for larger view)


Dining Hall/Commissary Tent - A general use tent that seats X

Administration - A pre-fab building

Infirmary - This is the hospital. It's a large pre-fab building attached to Administration.

Bio Lab - Part of the hospital, and it is used chiefly for necessary medical testing.

Armory - A pre-fab building that is one of the sturdier building at the colony. Always locked, always under guard.

Magazine - A pre-fab building. This one is isolated and apart from the camp. Also fenced in for safety.

Sewage Treatment


Power Plant - This is actually hydropowered by the river. Currently there is a water wheel, with plans underway to build a dam.

Skeeter (mini-chopper) Pad


Radio Shack - Another section of the Administration Building

Assay Lab

Power Tool Shed

Machine Shop

Auto Shop

Garage - For tractors and other vehicles

Auxillary Machine Shop - Shop reserved for smaller, secondary projects.

Farm Tool Shed

Animal Pens/Areas - Pens, sheds and barns that house chickens, goats, rabbits

Corral - For Calves and Horses

Wood Shop

The Quad - a large open park-like area in the center of the colony, used for recreation and social gathering

Barracks/Dorms - A few pre-fab buildings that sleep X

Habitation Shelters - Survival tents and military tents that serve as "housing" for the colonists.

Additional Notes: When the game begins, there is no electricity in the habitation shelters. Electricity and naquadah powered generators are restricted to where they will be most highly needed and utilized.
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