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The Lifeboat FAQ
Updated February 5, 2008

What is The Lifeboat?
The Lifeboat is a panfandom play-by-post post-apocalypse online role-playing game hosted Livejournal.com. (Don't let the buzz word scare you, panfandom is just another way of saying "crossover.") The Lifeboat is based in the Stargate SG-1/Stargate: Atlantis universe(s).

I'm not familiar with a lot of the characters. Will that be a problem?
Not for a good role-player.

Thinking of it from your characters POV, your character wouldn't be familiar with many of the others at the colony site either, and might not have even met before the game started.

What sorts of characters are allowed?
Hardcore villains/"bad guys" are not allowed. If the character you have in mind is completely contemptous, immoral, and irredeemable, then he/she is not allowed. (No Goa'uld, no Ori, etc. Let me put it more simply: If you have to ask if your villain is allowed, he/she/it likely isn't.)

Additionally, for reasons of game balance, the following are note allowed: Angel, Buffy the vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, magical, magic-powered, superpowered, god-like, and demons. (This list is not complete and just a general overview. We are aware that some characters and fandoms have blurred lines and don't fit into particular categories. If you want to know, feel free to ask.)

A general rule of thumb is that if you can't somehow imagine them walking onto the screen in the middle of an episode of Stargate without having to majorly suspend disbelief, then they probably won't work in the game.

(Oh wait. No gods. Sorry. Just don't ask. No. No. And No.)

Are there any limits on what mediums characters can come from (ie, books, movie, television, video games)?
Yes, we prefer characters from books, television and movies. While cartoon, anime and comic book characters won't be instantly denied, it will be harder to get them approved. All characters and fandoms must be able to incorporate easily, without changing the laws of physics or reality, into the Stargate universe.

Are original characters allowed?
Original characters are allowed, but getting the application for an original character accepted will be difficult. We (the moderators) are stricter on original characters because of the tendency for these characters to be Mary Sue and Gary Stu types or to be overpowering. There is a vast array of television, book and film media to pull from and we would strongly suggest you look to those mediums before applying with an original character.

How much freedom will I have with my character once I'm part of the game?
As much as you want. The Lifeboat is both character-driven and plot-driven, and yes such a thing is indeed possible. The overall plot serves as a backdrop to the characters and thus far, in the nine months that the game has been live, the plot has been bent, molded and even rewritten to fit the actions, needs and desires of the characters.

Are we required to keep journals for our characters?
No. The moderator hates having to switch journals and wouldn't want to force that pain and suffering on anyone. It's entirely up to you if you want to keep a separate character journal for the game, or even as a supplement to the game.

Can my character have the ATA gene?
The ATA (Ancient Technology Activation) gene is a one of particular type of gene set which is needed to operate certain pieces of Ancient technology, particularly the more powerful ones. A very small percentage of Earth-born humans do possess these genes naturally, while a gene therapy has been formulated to give non-carriers the gene, with about a 48% success rate. However, gene therapy is still in the experimental phase.

(NOTE: This is different from Stargate canon, but makes sense genetically. There is not one ATA gene, but several. Gene therapy has managed to find and isolate only one or two of these genes.)

This means:
  • If you are playing a canonical Stargate character, you'll follow canon.
  • Other characters might have the gene naturally; if they wish to receive the gene via gene therapy, this may become an option later on as needed basis.

Keep in mind that Ancient technology is rare, thus far, in the Milky Way galaxy, so the question of the ATA gene isn't a particularly pressing one.

Will there be travel via the stargate?
Yes, there will be Gamma teams.

Who can be on a Gamma team?
Anyone can be on a Gamma team, not just Stargate characters or military types. Gamma teams will be chose pre-game and within game during the course of play.

What will Gamma teams do?
Pretty much the same thing that SG teams do on television: teams are sent out to explore other planets, perform reconnaissance, establish contact with other civilizations, carry out military operations, seek out alien technology and perform scientific studies.

Why is there an age restriction?
Though we are sure that there are many talented, mature players under 18 years of age, there are several reasons for the age restriction. First of all, this is a mature, adult game that will often be dealing with mature, adult situations. Also, those 18 or older are less likely to have computer and internet time restricted by parents or guardians.

The other reason is simply the reason of maturity. While some teenagers are mature and handle themselves well in gaming situations, we know that this is the exception and not the rule. (Yes, it can be argued that the same can be said for some seemingly mature adults, but we're not here to debate the restriction, simply to explain it.)

Is slash allowed?
If this is your main or only question, that I have to admit, I'm already wary of your reasons for wanting to join the game, but I'll answer the question honestly.

This is a role-playing game with emphasis on character development and interaction. I'm not opposed to pairings, be they het or slash, however I am opposed to and will not allow sex/slash for sex/slash's sake. If it is conducive to the character's development, or plot development then that's permissible, but introducing a character solely for the reason of slashing them is not acceptable.

Also, your character will be interacting with other characters. It is not written that these other characters will be gay/lesbian/bi. You may not introduce an NPC solely for the sake of slashing your character, nor may you force another player to have the same sexual orientation as yours.

So the simple answer is yes, but it will depend on the make up of the other characters in the game as to whether or not it happens.

I have a question that wasn't answered here.
Please post it here as a comment or send email to the mods at lifeboatmods@gmail.com or fikgirl@gmail.com. We'll have an answer for you in minutes. (Okay, that's not true, but we will answer any questions you may have.)
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