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[Faith] Party Grrl

Who: Faith Lehane
When: Friday, June 18, night
Where: Moe's
Invited: Those at Moe's
Status: Incomplete

Gamma site, Faith discovered over the past couple of days, was one part modern, one part Old West, one part Colonial, two parts military and all of it melded together to create something of a cohesive ball, at least at the center. The militarized zone, Gatetown, encompassed the military types, the original science colony and emergency outpost from earth, the administration and was reminiscent of a residential military base. No martial law, but things were "safer" and more settled the closer to the core -- which ironically was on the edge of Gamma Prime because the edge was closest to both the field with the stargate and the river -- and even civilians chose to live there. Immediately outside of Gatetown proper, but still referred to as Gatetown was what Faith had come to think of as the civilian zone. The civilian zone contained more of the military, those with families who didn't want to have the life and feel of barracks ahd military base, and the civilian types who weren't quite ready to brave the Wild West. The heart and home of the civilian police force patrolled this, in conjunction with the military patrols, and the people -- mostly -- felt safe.

The Old West was beyond the that, the place with the wild, where those who chose to build and live there, while growing in number, were still few and far between. There were your old fashioned homesteads and farms, and those out there had guard dogs and weapons, and families tended to crowd log cabins and cottages and longhouses on the same patch of land close together if you didn't end up with a few families -- or a few close friends -- all under one roof. Crime wasn't unknown out that way, but it was mostly cattle rustling, chicken stealing, ditch digging, water re-directing type. Men and boys, and women and girls, came to blows over it, but people seemed reluctant to draw a gun. While Faith agreed with Xander's assertion that it was a measure of self-preservation, she didn't agree with his reason why. Xander believed that after the loss of earth, people had better respect for life and rebuilding; Faith believed that it more to do with the time and difficulty with easily obtaining ammunition: bullets were best saved for killing game or shooting someone who threatened your life rather than your neighbor for stealing a few chickens.

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First Night as the New Kid

Who: Xander Harris
Where: Gatetown, living area
When: Wednesday, June 16th, after midnight
Invited: Cassandra, Chloe, Faith, anyone who happens past
Status: Incomplete

Being the "new kid in school" was an entirely new experience for Xander. All his life, he'd been the one who noticed the new kid. Or, in the case of the Slayers, found the new kid, turned her life upside down and brought her into the crazy world of vampires, demons and the stuff of nightmares. Having women, who weren't demons -- as far as he could tell anyway -- peeking at him over dinner and giving him sly glances when they thought he wasn't looking, was a new experience. The muted whispers, the sometimes hostile, sometimes acknowledging, sometimes curious glances cast his way were new too.

All in all, by the end of the evening, Xander couldn't decide if he felt welcome, overwhelmed, out of his element. Probably some combination of all of the above.

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[Marcus] - Trying not to go crazy-bored...

Who: All offworld men
Where: Off-world, desert planet
When: Wednesday, June 16th, late evening
Invited: See above
Status: Incomplete

Marcus looked from face to face, each man whiling away the time in their own way. He would have paced, if he hadn't been trying to NOT get on the other men's nerves. He would have played a game of... something.

Except his mind wasn't really on the excuse of escapism. He found himself drumming his fingers against the Denn'bok hidden in his robes. A quiet stacatto of noise each time a nail touched the aged metal.

"What's taking them so long?" he queried of noone in particular... but this tent, the heat, the silence... was getting to him.
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[FLASHBACK] Team Building Exercise

Who: Ami Jackson
Where: The home of Jack Harkness
When: Early afternoon, 19 of May II*
*See the updated background that lists the months of the Gamma calendar
Invited: All members of GT-1 and GT-2, SG-1 optional (drop-ins also welcome)
Status: Incomplete

"I didn't even know you had a home, an actual home outside of Gatetown, Jack." Ami stepped onto the unfinished back deck attached to the single room cabin with a loft, a beer in one hand. "I don't think that anyone did."

It was early afternoon in early summer, and the weather was warm without being too hot. The breeze was cooling, without being too cold. All things said, it was a perfect summer afternoon. Normally Ami would have been spending such time with her boyfriend, but Captain Jack had requested her attendance, and that of all of her team, here today, stating that there were tactics and strategies to be reviewed.

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Meet The New Neighbors!

Who: Chloe Sullivan
Where: The dining hall
When: Dinner time, Wednesday, June 16th
Invited: ALL PLAY!
Status: Incomplete

Once they'd all been examined by the doctors and pronounced safe to mingle with the locals (barring later results of lab tests, anyway), they'd been given a brief tour of Gamma Town. As they'd gathered from their orbital survey and then from closer looks as they'd landed, this was only one colony site. It was the largest, to be sure. None of the other settlements or outposts were anywhere close to the size of Gamma Town.

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The doctors will see you now...

Who: Hospital staff
Where: Gamma Infirmary, classified side
When: Wednesday, June 16th
Invited: Anyone with a good reason to be there
Status: Incomplete

The 'secured side' of the Infirmary had been officially notified of their new guests. It was a little hard to hide the fact that a giant spaceship had landed in the clearing beyond the gate, and more, it was a foregone conclusion that the next stop on the whirlwind tour would be for a checkup.

From the outside, the only indication there was anything different about what occurred within were the two posted guards on either side of the door. IDs were lightly checked; who belonged there was well known, and if there was anyone added to the roster, a memo was sent and the name and face were quickly memorized.

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From Admin and Back Again

Who: Faith Lehane
Where: Gamma Site/Landing Site
When: Wednesday, June 16th
Invited: Anyone with a good reason to be there
Status: Incomplete

The ride back from "Admin" was as short as the ride there. Faith used the brief over road trip to study what she could of the colony and the people they encountered. The marines were stoic soldiers, standing at proper attention, at least under the eyes of Captain Boone and Dr. Weir. When Faith turned back to wink though, she was pretty sure that those eyes were on attributes that she and Chloe had further to the south. She suspected that as good soldiers go, however, they took their cues from their leaders. Dr. Weir and Captain Boone hadn't thrown them in jail, or whatever the military equivalent was, so for now the women were safe.

Therefore safe to ogle.

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Open Auditions

Who: Will Harris
Where: Somewhere at the edge of the Gamma colony
When: Saturday, June 19th
Invited: Dexter, Duo, morally ambiguous types
Status: Incomplete

It had taken a few weeks, but the cautious feelers that Will's right-hand woman Grace* had put out for more henchmen were paying off. She'd reported enough nibbles to warrant Will making himself available on a sunny afternoon to meet potential employees. There were no appointments. Grace would escort them individually to the shade cast by the storage shed where Will was waiting.

Will tinkered with a small flywheel assembly as he waited. He wasn't concerned with being caught off guard. A series of infrared beams ringed the perimeter. If anyone got within forty feet, a small buzzer clipped to his belt would vibrate. With that assurance Will lost himself in the puzzle of gears, not even noticing the damned gnats.

* Grace is a NPC. All I know about her is that she's sneaky. sophiedb, if you want to take a stab at her and the mods are cool with it, go for it!
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Getting down to brass tacks?

Who: Elizabeth Weir
Where: Admin Building Secure Conference Room
When: Wednesday, June 16th
Invited: Chloe Sullivan, Faith Lehane, Ronald Boone
Status: Incomplete

As the door to the conference room closed behind her, Elizabeth turned and smiled at the three others gathered there. "So," she said, crossing towards the table and taking a seat, indicating they might do the same. "I bet you've had an interesting trip. Can I ask where you got the ship, and how you found us?" She kept her tone light and friendly, but they'd already expressed a preference for directness. She could handle that.

The room was spare, as conference rooms went. A plastic rectangular table sat at the center of it, about a dozen folding chairs ringed around it. A couple of white boards were stuck to the walls, some markers on ledges beneath them. That was about it. The lights that hung overhead were flourescent and none-too-flattering, but it wasn't an interrogation room by any stretch. It was a functional meeting room. The seat Elizabeth had chosen was midway down one side, not in the center, nor at the end, but just off to one side -- casual and not indicative of any special status.
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Meanwhile, Back in the Solar System....

Who: Cassandra Sugarbaker
Where: The Lifeboat
When: Wednesday, June 16th
Invited: Chloe Sullivan, Xander Harris, Faith Lehane
Status: Incomplete

Cassandra Sugarbaker looked over the controls one last time. Everything looked right. The lifeboat--they still hadn't named it and Cassandra had begun to think they never would--was in orbit somewhere over North America. Well, a North America. In a world where the American Revolution failed. The British still ruled most of North America, while the other two great powers, Spain and Russia, retained control of Central and South America. All were still monarchies as well. The world was technologically retarded, still using eighteenth century technology in the early 21st century.

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