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The Lifeboat
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March 4, 2009
Welcome to The Lifeboat, a Pan-fandom RP based in the Stargate SG-1 & Stargate Atlantis universes

We are always accepting applications. Please read the rules, and submit an application today.

Please refer to the Master Character List for taken characters. NPC characters listed at the bottom are open for adoption.

26th-Nov-2008 07:12 pm - Friday night: Downtime (Part 2)
They made him general?
Who: Everyone
Where: Inside and Outside of Moe's
When: May 31, night
Invited: All play!!

The party was going strong. The band had taken a short break and had come back stronger than ever. The drinks were flowing, the dancing on the makeshift dance floor was only one of many 'hot spots' of the area, the second stop of a new couple after the first, the bar where they'd met, chatted and decided to get to know each other better.

Hey, over here!Collapse )
19th-Nov-2008 07:30 pm - Friday Night: Downtime
Writing: Fountain Pen
Who: Everyone
Where: Inside & Outside of Moe's
When: May 31, around sunset
Invited: ALL PLAY!
Status: Incomplete

No one in Gatetown would deny that it was the perfect spring evening. It was neither too warm nor too cold, a gentle breeze blowing in from the bay holding the weather to temperate norms. The clear skies and moderate temperatures of the past few days stirred an instinctive restlessness within the colonists of Gamma Site; another place and another time and it would be known as "spring fever," but here no one really questioned it or even put a name to it.

Maybe it was just a sign of growing acceptance.

The front door to Moe's stood wide open, and the crowd spilled out into the streets. Drinks were served from a make-shift window bar and also across the way at another spur-of-the-moment "bar." A band played on a stage that had taken all day and the sweat of several carpenters to build, and someone – probably the same someones who had a hand in building the stage – had taken initiative and laid a wooden dance floor on top of the dirt street in front of the stage.

As the sky turned from light blue to pink to dark purple and the sun began its descent beneath the horizon, there was a shared feeling in the air: whatever may be behind them and whatever may come, they would survive it all.

It was a good night.
14th-Nov-2008 03:39 pm - Forget-me-not
Lifeboat - Will (neutral)
Who: Will Harris
Where: Outside of Jade's shelter/tent/whatever
When: May 30, 8:15 a.m.
Invited: Jade Weston, anyone who can think of a reason to jump in
Status: Complete

With the spectacular, if brief, success of the SATA test on Clone Boy behind him, Will had time to focus on more frivolous matters. Building the small device had taken longer than he'd anticipated: about 10 hours. Working with organic materials rarely went smoothly.

A full hour had gone into...Collapse )
11th-Nov-2008 07:33 pm - Didn't Learn This in Medical School
Writing: Fountain Pen
Who: NPC Doctors
Where: Edge of Gatetown
When: May 27, mid-morning during Revenge is a Dish . . .
Invited: Calvin Thomas, Cassandra Fraiser, anyone
Status: Incomplete

"This is not why I went to medical school." Jennifer Keller walked beside her appointed medical mystery partner of the day, riffling through the medical pack that she carried along with her. Everything was there and she knew it, however, she continued to check it. Jennifer knew she could be OCD about some things, and having everything she could possibly need on hand for any emergency was one of those things. "And it isn't why I said yes when the IOA approached me. I mean, what sort of medical diagnoses requires breaking and entering?"

Her companion, an attractive black man, actually chuckled. "This isn't breaking and entering. The patient gave us permission. I can tell you about breaking and entering. What we're doing is perfectly legal and considering the kid's gone military like his uncle and we're still under martial law, might even call it routine."

"Eric, there is nothing routine about searching someone's home!" Jennifer objected. "I mean, yeah, if we were like at the SGC or on a military base, but people are settled here. They want things to feel all homey and cozy and normal."

He didn't agree with that sentimentCollapse )
7th-Nov-2008 11:54 am - Debriefing on Tau
Writing: Fountain Pen
Who: Ami Jackson
Where: Admin, Briefing Room
When: May 20, mid- morning
Invited: The Gate Teams, Admin staff
Status: Incomplete

Ami felt one hundred times better as she stepped into the briefing room the next morning. Gamma Teams One and Two returned from their first mission to Tau the day before and after the required quick briefings and medical exams, they'd all been summarily dismissed until the following morning when they would reconvene for a full debriefing.

The trip back from Tau site to the 'gate was hard on her. Haunted by the nightmares of memories that weren't even her own, Ami hadn't slept restfully. Last night, however, when she did manage to sleep – or nap would have been more appropriate – she did so restfully. Ami had Jon to thank for that; spending the night with him had been a godsend. He calmed her, soothed her, relaxed her and helped her find her footing.

textCollapse )
Dr. Horrible smirk
Who: Will Harris
Where: Edge of Gatetown
When: May 27, early morning
Invited: Jon O'Neill, anyone
Status: Complete

Will rarely saw the sun rise. Not that he wasn't awake in the early morning; he occasionally worked through the night on one of his projects. But why bother to go outside and freeze his butt off to watch a glowing ball of gas appear to levitate over the horizon? Complete waste of time.

This morning Will barely felt the cold. It wasn't just from his steaming mug of coffee. He was practically bouncing in anticipation to see how his specially designed small area time accelerator had affected O'Neill the younger. The goody-two-shoes more than deserved to be a lab rat.

Will changed position on the east-facing bench he'd selected. If any nosy early birds asked what he was doing, he was there for the sunrise. The fact that O'Neill's tent was in his line of sight was pure coincidence. If the punk was following his usual routine, he'd wake up soon.
26th-Oct-2008 03:26 pm - [All welcome]Outside the Big Top
Who: Aiyanna and Nick
Where: The fair grounds
When: Saturday, May 18, afternoon
Invited: Everyone
Status: Incomplete

Nick was play fairgrounds security of sorts, basically making his way around and keeping an eye on things. Currently he was scouting out the food areas, merely just to make certain that everything was okay. If Rose felt she needed to reward his diligence with some of her fried chicken, then who was Nick to actually complain about such things?

Nick had glanced in the Big top, but others had that covered. He was more hanging out in the open air areas, which including the horse auctions.

The auctions were where Aiyanna was at. She had already purchased one horse, the slightly tempermental grey, and now she was in a bidding war over the one she wanted... the paint. She ended up winning the paint and went to settle everything and take ownership. That done she was escorted to an area that would allow her to ride her new 'purchases.'

So with borrowed sadle and tack Aiyanna mounted the tempermental grey and took him out into the ring. Thus began the struggle over who was boss. Aiyanna was determined to win, and in the process showed that she had some good experience with horses.
19th-Oct-2008 09:45 am - Revelations
Writing: Fountain Pen
Who: Ami Jackson
Where: Tau Site, settlement
When: Thursday, May 16, late evening
Invited: All on Tau
Status: Incomplete

After she separated off from the group and cleared her head, Ami was ready – well as ready as she ever could be or would be – to talk. However, the full village sweep had taken some time, and the discovery of mass graves slowed down their progress more. Shielded, the graves didn't affect her as badly as the doll, but the feeling of death and horror was hard to shake or avoid without walking away from the settlement. After Captain Jack's attack the previous night, Ami wasn't even truly allowed that respite.

For obvious reasons, they made camp outside of the settlement. During check in, Ami was grateful that Captain Harkness didn't reveal her psychic impressions and empathic readings. She wasn't ready to talk about them in deep detail, not yet, and Ami knew that the General would want to know everything. Her psychic abilities were supposed to be one of the assets to the team, but right now Ami wished that she had the strong instinctive shielding as some of the others did.

Eventually, however, she came out of her tent, simply wanting to get it over with. Bobby had been giving her wide berth and odd glances, and she knew that it was time to explain a few things. But Ami only wanted to explain them once. So it was that after a quick talk with Captain Harkness that Ami joined everyone around the fire.

Read more...Collapse )
3rd-Oct-2008 09:51 pm - [All play] Under the big top!
Who: Everyone
When: Saturday, May 18, mid-afternoon
Where: Gatetown fair grounds
Invited: Everyone!

There was just something about a fair in fullswing. Bands played, 'down home country' relay races were planned over the course of the weekend ranging from family-based 3-legged races to equestrian events with a small-scale rodeo in the mix. This evening would be a 'social mixer', a dance that would have a little bit of everything from 'ballroom' to 'swing' and lots of other types in the middle.

Come on down!Collapse )

(OOC note: Feel free to create your own section of a tent.. don't have to go with one of mine. Make a note of it in your subject line to help guide others...)
21st-Sep-2008 08:59 pm - The Settlement
Writing: Fountain Pen
Who: Ami Jackson
Where: Tau Site, settlement
When: Thursday, May 16, late afternoon
Invited: All on Tau
Status: Incomplete

Ami awoke to the tap-tap-patter of raindrops against the roof of the tent. The excitement of Captain Jack's attack the previous night left everyone keyed up and alert into the wee hours of morning. Though she'd practically crashed the moment her head touched the sleeping bag, Ami knew that she'd only managed to grab a few key hours of sleep.

Onward to the settlementCollapse )
17th-Sep-2008 09:36 pm - [All] Going to the fair!
Who: Everyone
When: Friday, May 17, mid-afternoon
Where: Gatetown, the new 'fair grounds'
Invited: Duh, everyone!

It was a long awaited event. The year on Gamma was filled with ups and downs, certainty pulled from the depths of fear and the unknown. The houses were rising on the outskirts of the settlement, each day making it look more and more like a town. The civil engineers were hard at work planning the roads, the different services that would be needed to keep everyone healthy and safe, and traffic patterns, of all things.

And, the town was growing.Collapse )
19th-Aug-2008 06:58 pm - [Nick] Vacation is over
WHO: Nick Stokes
WHERE: Wooded area
WHEN: Wednesday, May 15th, after Breakfast
INVITED: Anyone who'd be out this way
STATUS: Incomplete

Well Nick wanted to get back to work, so here he is. After breakfast he stopped by his makeshift house to get his gear. He put on his CSI Jacket, grabbed his kit, and took up his pistol before heading out the door. His destination... the wooded area where the guy who stabbed Jon was seen running off to.

Nick got to the area and set his kit down, taking out the things he would need, including placing the camera around his neck. That done he began walking a grid pattern, searching for any clues as to where the man could have ended up. Anything that could conceivably be a clue is photographed and has a marker placed by it. This would be easier if Nick wasn't the only one here, but you do what you have to do.
19th-Aug-2008 02:23 pm - [Duo] Target Practice
Who: Duo Maxwell
When: Wednesday, May 15th, about 12:45 pm.
Where: Shooting Range
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

Cassandra? Nice girl, real pretty, older woman, Duo smirked as he pulled noise muting ear muffs over his ears. Her image was fresh in memory, and on after thought, it would probably be healthy to mingle, meet new people? Been stuck in work mode for way too long. The young airman loaded a clip into his pistol, stepping up to the line. He took aim at the targets, firing at the target. Woulda been great if they moved, work on that later.

The sharp sounds of gunshots rang in the airCollapse )
15th-Aug-2008 03:58 am - [Methos] Sticks and Sticks...
Sweater by beccadg
Who: Methos
Where: The Training Field
When: Wednesday, May 15th, Lunchtime
Invited: Mark, Aiyanna, anyone interested in staff and-or sword fighting
Status: Incomplete

After breakfast it was decided that beating on each other with sticks could wait until steps had been taken to see Mark get more clothes and a roof over his head. They'd gone to the tailor so he could see to Mark's having more clothes, and then they'd gone to Admin to find out what was available for roof options. That had taken a while as they got shuffled about, and people repeatedly questioned Mark about what sort of housing arrangements he'd like or be comfortable with. Finally, however, they were free to work out.

Methos went to the exercise yard...Collapse )
10th-Aug-2008 10:20 pm - As the Moon Rises
Writing: Fountain Pen
Who: Teyla
When: Wednesday, May 15, after sunset
Where: Tau Site, a day's march outside the settlement proper
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

The moon still had not reached its apex, and it hung low in the velvety black sky against a back drop of sparkling diamonds. The clouds were thick and ropey, drifting across the silvery half-orb and casting odd shadows upon the ground; sometimes obscuring it totally. Watch rotas had been decided, and four two-man tents encircled the entire encampment. They could have slept on the ground, but the possibility of rain - the air was heavy with it and in the distance darker clouds hovered.

Teyla sat outside of the tent that she would share that night with Ami Jackson. The archaeologist sat by lantern light, alternately reviewing her notes and scribbling in the margins of her notebook. It brought a smile to Teyla's face to see the archaoelogist at work. It reminded her of Atlantis, of home and of Rodney, though Teyla's absent teammate would have been muttering loudly under his breath, insulting everyone and abusing a laptop.

Legs folded, Teyla rested her hands on her knees and closed her eyes. She had agreed to a later watch, but was not quite ready to seek out sleep as of yet. Now was a good time to meditate and find her center and refocus. Tomorrow would be another long day, and perhaps a harrowing one as well.
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