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learning to dance again

[Faith] Party Grrl

Who: Faith Lehane
When: Friday, June 18, night
Where: Moe's
Invited: Those at Moe's
Status: Incomplete

Gamma site, Faith discovered over the past couple of days, was one part modern, one part Old West, one part Colonial, two parts military and all of it melded together to create something of a cohesive ball, at least at the center. The militarized zone, Gatetown, encompassed the military types, the original science colony and emergency outpost from earth, the administration and was reminiscent of a residential military base. No martial law, but things were "safer" and more settled the closer to the core -- which ironically was on the edge of Gamma Prime because the edge was closest to both the field with the stargate and the river -- and even civilians chose to live there. Immediately outside of Gatetown proper, but still referred to as Gatetown was what Faith had come to think of as the civilian zone. The civilian zone contained more of the military, those with families who didn't want to have the life and feel of barracks ahd military base, and the civilian types who weren't quite ready to brave the Wild West. The heart and home of the civilian police force patrolled this, in conjunction with the military patrols, and the people -- mostly -- felt safe.

The Old West was beyond the that, the place with the wild, where those who chose to build and live there, while growing in number, were still few and far between. There were your old fashioned homesteads and farms, and those out there had guard dogs and weapons, and families tended to crowd log cabins and cottages and longhouses on the same patch of land close together if you didn't end up with a few families -- or a few close friends -- all under one roof. Crime wasn't unknown out that way, but it was mostly cattle rustling, chicken stealing, ditch digging, water re-directing type. Men and boys, and women and girls, came to blows over it, but people seemed reluctant to draw a gun. While Faith agreed with Xander's assertion that it was a measure of self-preservation, she didn't agree with his reason why. Xander believed that after the loss of earth, people had better respect for life and rebuilding; Faith believed that it more to do with the time and difficulty with easily obtaining ammunition: bullets were best saved for killing game or shooting someone who threatened your life rather than your neighbor for stealing a few chickens.

Beyond the Old West it was the wilds of Gamma World and a complete free for all. The people who lived out that way were hard and callous, and Faith had found the remains of a corpse that had been lynched, burned and left to the predators. She knew that it had been recent, within only hours, not only from the smell and look of the corpse, but also because no predators had laid claim yet. The strong arm of the military didn't reach out to wilds, and it was made clear that anyone daring to stretch out beyond the prescribed radius of control and containment -- which grew each month as the colony grew more self-sufficient and defined -- they were on their own. That part had its own rules and own laws, and if anyone doubted that the military wasn't doing their best to protect Gatetown, they weren't paying attention.

Faith made it a regular part of her patrols as she got the lay of the land to venture out beyond the Old West. She passed checkpoints of military personnel, check points of civilian militia. Beyond that, however, what most people probably never noticed were the patrols. Twenty-four/seven -- or was that twenty-nine/seven given the length of the day -- there were military patrols, civilian militia patrols, and combined patrols that watched the roads and the forest wilds to make sure no one and nothing untoward got inside of Gatetown. Without martial law, there was no way to control and mandate more than 7000 people, so the concentrated their efforts where needed: on those who wanted to be protected. Caravans to Gamma Two and Gamma Three were escorted and large enough that there were safety in numbers. Also, Faith saw one such caravan and noted that every man, woman, and boy and girl old enough carried some kind of weapon.

This wasn't earth, and from the conversations Faith overhead, too many living softly in Gatetown didn't quite realize that.

She learned a lot on her patrols, burned off energy and all-in-all reached a place where she decided she could be happy settling down here.

However, that didn't mean she wasn't looking forward to the weekend. Apparently, everyone looked forward to the weekend, and for Gatetown Proper, that meant Moe's, or one of the bars on the waterfront by the docks. Having tried those venues, Faith steered toward Moe's. She didn't regret it. From the moment she entered, she felt eyes on her and Faith played to the crowd. Wearing a pair of leather pants that she had, to quote Xander been "poured into," and a fitted lacy black tank over a black push up bra, Faith dressed to be noticed. Of course, there really wasn't a time that Faith didn't like to be noticed, unless she was in stealth or stake out mode. (Or all my little forays beyond the mandated safe zones.) The Slayer knew how to blend, when to blend and where to blend. Tonight, she didn't want to blend at all.

They'd been forwarded a few credits, partly from trade of some of the items on the lifeboat that they had in the cargo hold that the colony could make use of, and partly just to get them started. The "free" credits wouldn't last long or go very far, and thus far only Xander found some sort of possible temporary work while working toward a more permanent placement. Helping Mike, the owner of Moe's, build up and repair the place earned Xander a few beers and credits as payment; Faith knew that Xander was looking to expand his job opportunities and there was plenty of need for a carpenter. Faith, on the other hand, hadn't quite settled on a niche. She knew that with her Slayer abilities, the police force or civilian militia was where she could do well, but . . . (Not enough excitement. Just not the chase down the drunk bully type of gal.) The not so quiet whispers and descriptions of the work done by the "gate teams"? That interested her, but really it was too early yet to make any kind of determination.

Faith didn't have a problem "going with the flow."

Tonight the flow meant accepting the drinks paid for by interested parties, giving them a dance and sometimes a kiss, and leaving them begging for more. By the time Moe's filled up, Faith had danced her way from partner to partner, from floor to chair to table. As the beat revved up and the adrenaline and pheromones pumped, Faith salaciously gyrated, surrounded by a bevy of admirers. Her long, dark hair swirled around her face, her hips undulating to the steady bass and percussion of tonight's live band.

Party time.
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