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learning to dance again

First Night as the New Kid

Who: Xander Harris
Where: Gatetown, living area
When: Wednesday, June 16th, after midnight
Invited: Cassandra, Chloe, Faith, anyone who happens past
Status: Incomplete

Being the "new kid in school" was an entirely new experience for Xander. All his life, he'd been the one who noticed the new kid. Or, in the case of the Slayers, found the new kid, turned her life upside down and brought her into the crazy world of vampires, demons and the stuff of nightmares. Having women, who weren't demons -- as far as he could tell anyway -- peeking at him over dinner and giving him sly glances when they thought he wasn't looking, was a new experience. The muted whispers, the sometimes hostile, sometimes acknowledging, sometimes curious glances cast his way were new too.

All in all, by the end of the evening, Xander couldn't decide if he felt welcome, overwhelmed, out of his element. Probably some combination of all of the above.

Gamma World wasn't a bad place, all things considered. The root work was there for this to be more than a Podunk backwater colony, but it would never be earth. Then again, given some of the earth's he'd seen and having knowledge of just how violent and war-faring humanity could be, maybe starting over wasn't such a bad idea.

And it looked like they, meaning he and his traveling companions, would be starting over right along side these people. Who knew how long until the lifeboat could be repaired, if it really could survive and come back from the damage it had taken?

They'd been offered lodging, both in the more military like solid barracks, and at a various "living quarters," which consisted of tent areas. They'd unanimously chosen tents, closer to the outskirts of town, simply for quick easy access to the lifeboat. It was clear that they'd be staying, and eventually other arrangements would be made. For now though, the tents were an improvement over the cramped sleeping cubicles.

There were two tents. Not very huge, large enough for military cots and mattresses, big enough to stand upright inside. Two, Xander supposed because it was thought that he'd want to be separate from the women, or they from him, when really it wouldn't have bothered any of them to all bunk down together; you got close and familiar when traveling on a small ship together.

Sleeping arrangements had been decided only in that Faith dropped her bug-out bag in the tent where Xander deposited his things, leaving Cassandra and Chloe to bunk in together. That didn't mean that Faith would actually sleep in the tent, or even that Chloe would stay away -- at least he hoped she wouldn't stay away -- but he felt that it was more of Faith feeling the need to "serve and protect" until she deemed the locals as safe. Or at least knows that no demon is going to try to get horizontal with me.

The Slayer in question was absent at the moment, out doing whatever passed for patrolling in a world devoid of vampires and other nasties. Faith got itchy as the night grew longer and unable to take it any longer, dismissed herself as going out "exploring." Xander knew well enough that it was the Slayer energy burning through her and depending on what she found -- or who -- she might not be back until morning.

He couldn't sleep either, but it had nothing to do with Slayer energy. His head was filled, thoughts tumbling, but nothing quite making sense. New place, new faces, new sounds, new smells. Xander was acclimating, and doing so, he was doing what he did best. In his hands was a block of wood and a knife that he was carefully whittling into a still undefined shape. It took him longer than it had before the loss of his eyes, but he could still make things take shape when he put his mind to it.

The sound of grass and leaves and ground crunching beneath feet alerted him to someone's approach, so that he didn't jerk and startle and cut himself, as the voice greeted, "Can't sleep?"
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