Chocolate Legolas (tweets) wrote in the_lifeboat,
Chocolate Legolas

[Marcus] - Trying not to go crazy-bored...

Who: All offworld men
Where: Off-world, desert planet
When: Wednesday, June 16th, late evening
Invited: See above
Status: Incomplete

Marcus looked from face to face, each man whiling away the time in their own way. He would have paced, if he hadn't been trying to NOT get on the other men's nerves. He would have played a game of... something.

Except his mind wasn't really on the excuse of escapism. He found himself drumming his fingers against the Denn'bok hidden in his robes. A quiet stacatto of noise each time a nail touched the aged metal.

"What's taking them so long?" he queried of noone in particular... but this tent, the heat, the silence... was getting to him.
Tags: jack o'neill, marcus cole, will harris
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