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learning to dance again

From Admin and Back Again

Who: Faith Lehane
Where: Gamma Site/Landing Site
When: Wednesday, June 16th
Invited: Anyone with a good reason to be there
Status: Incomplete

The ride back from "Admin" was as short as the ride there. Faith used the brief over road trip to study what she could of the colony and the people they encountered. The marines were stoic soldiers, standing at proper attention, at least under the eyes of Captain Boone and Dr. Weir. When Faith turned back to wink though, she was pretty sure that those eyes were on attributes that she and Chloe had further to the south. She suspected that as good soldiers go, however, they took their cues from their leaders. Dr. Weir and Captain Boone hadn't thrown them in jail, or whatever the military equivalent was, so for now the women were safe.

Therefore safe to ogle.

Movement through the administration, pre-fabricated up-and-go buildings that had probably been the first things set up when this colony was established, they were the source of attention. Rumors had a way of flying fast, and this was no different. Heads lowered, whispers were exchanged, and sometimes silence fell the moment that Dr. Weir's eyes fell on a group. Said group tended to break quickly and find other places to be.

More than your run of the mill politician, Faith noted. The woman had clout and a good deal of respect. Governor? Yes, Faith could go with that, but something more as well.

The stargate area was unsurprisingly well-guarded. Sentries marked the well-worn and tire marked packed dirt road in toward the 'gate area. Fully armed and in full gear, it was clear that those in charge took no chances with even the remotest possibility of hostiles coming through the 'gate. They were ready to hold the stargate and protect the colonists; and the reverse could be done as well. The road was well lit, staging areas still off to the side camouflaged but for those who knew what to look for, ready for a quick evacuation.

These people had their shit together.

The ring of civilians, while smaller, had not dispersed in completely in Faith and Chloe's absence. The soldiers held the crowd back, but if there was something to see then the rubberneckers would try to see it.

The jeep pulled up close to the ship this time, allowing Faith and Chloe to disembark within talking distance of Cassie, Xander, and Jon Mark II.

Faith sauntered to the entry way of the ship, taking her own cue from the fact that both Cassie and Xander stood outside of it. Hands hooked in her back pockets, she threw Jon a friendly smile, followed by a call of, "Hey, Flyboy."

"So's, here's the sitch," Faith turned immediately to her traveling companions. "I'm good with Chloe's vacation spot pick, but I gotta tell you, I didn't see a jacuzzi or any of those little umbrella drinks anywhere."
Tags: cassandra sugarbaker, chloe sullivan, faith lehane, jon o'neill, ron boone, xander harris
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