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Open Auditions

Who: Will Harris
Where: Somewhere at the edge of the Gamma colony
When: Saturday, June 19th
Invited: Dexter, Duo, morally ambiguous types
Status: Incomplete

It had taken a few weeks, but the cautious feelers that Will's right-hand woman Grace* had put out for more henchmen were paying off. She'd reported enough nibbles to warrant Will making himself available on a sunny afternoon to meet potential employees. There were no appointments. Grace would escort them individually to the shade cast by the storage shed where Will was waiting.

Will tinkered with a small flywheel assembly as he waited. He wasn't concerned with being caught off guard. A series of infrared beams ringed the perimeter. If anyone got within forty feet, a small buzzer clipped to his belt would vibrate. With that assurance Will lost himself in the puzzle of gears, not even noticing the damned gnats.

* Grace is a NPC. All I know about her is that she's sneaky. sophiedb, if you want to take a stab at her and the mods are cool with it, go for it!
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