Ky (wolfcat) wrote in the_lifeboat,

Getting down to brass tacks?

Who: Elizabeth Weir
Where: Admin Building Secure Conference Room
When: Wednesday, June 16th
Invited: Chloe Sullivan, Faith Lehane, Ronald Boone
Status: Incomplete

As the door to the conference room closed behind her, Elizabeth turned and smiled at the three others gathered there. "So," she said, crossing towards the table and taking a seat, indicating they might do the same. "I bet you've had an interesting trip. Can I ask where you got the ship, and how you found us?" She kept her tone light and friendly, but they'd already expressed a preference for directness. She could handle that.

The room was spare, as conference rooms went. A plastic rectangular table sat at the center of it, about a dozen folding chairs ringed around it. A couple of white boards were stuck to the walls, some markers on ledges beneath them. That was about it. The lights that hung overhead were flourescent and none-too-flattering, but it wasn't an interrogation room by any stretch. It was a functional meeting room. The seat Elizabeth had chosen was midway down one side, not in the center, nor at the end, but just off to one side -- casual and not indicative of any special status.
Tags: cassandra sugarbaker, chloe sullivan, elizabeth weir, ron boone
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