Lifeboat Moderators (thelifeboatmods) wrote in the_lifeboat,
Lifeboat Moderators

[Offworld] Into the encampment

Who: All who posted on the initial off-world post (and temped)
Where: Off-world, desert planet
When: Wednesday, June 16th, late evening
Invited: See above
Status: Incomplete

The encampment beyond started to gain a little more activity as the news spread about a group that was stopped at the outskirts to disarm. There was excitement, curiousity, and a little wariness thrown into the mix, but the hostility that usually greeted an offworld team, or so it usually seemed, was remarkably absent. This was a culture, while isolated, had continued to hold the possibility of visitors, and a history of receiving them in their oral traditions.

Through the fire light gained by torches, the first visions of the tribe became visible. The women wore the more subtle, understated, natural coloured clothing while the remarkably more diminuative men were clothed in colours that did nothing to hide them in the sand outside the camp.

Seema led the group in at the fore, a small parade for all the looks they were getting from the natives. The women looked healthy, happy, their faces uncovered, their dark hair loose and long. The men were a great deal smaller; smaller frames, shorter, and their features looked a great deal more fine, delicate. Some could be seen to have been wearing makeup, kohl around the eyes, a light tint to bring out one special feature or another. All very deliberate to highlight the positives.

She stopped the group after reaching what looked to be a main pavillion and turned to face the group, or rather, Ami and the women. "The men can take their rest here. Food and fresh water will be brought. We," the women? "...will continue and have an audience with our leader. She will be interested in your arrival and the reasons."

Pointing to the tent flap, within was a calvalcade of colours, unhinted out by the natural tones of the outer. There were silks of reds, blues, greens; pillows and rugs were strewn about on the floor. There was an empty table in the back that, presumably, would have food placed on it soon enough.

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