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[Offworld] Curiouser and curiouser...

Who: All who posted on the initial off-world post (and temped)
Where: Off-world, desert planet
When: Wednesday, June 16th, early afternoon Gamma-time
Invited: See above

The Qaba'na'hi were a patient people; they had to be.

Life in the desert meant that nothing could be rushed, nothing wasted. A hunting group had gone out, tracking the migration of their main source of meat for food-- a small, hoofed, antelope-like creature. It moved from water supply to water supply, and over the centuries, the nomadic tribe took to following the small deer not only for its meat, but for its ability to find water wherever it is. If there was no sight of the creature reported, the hunter scouting party would return after finding their tracks, and the camp would move.

It was this small group of just little more than a handful of female hunters, armed with bows with knives at their sides, that noticed the band walking through the desert. They were going the wrong way for the deer, so there was no good water supply in that direction. Judging from their manner of clothing, it was obvious they were not from their tribe... and as they moved with the group, making sure they were obscured from view, they watched, curious.

Curiousity turned to fascination as the all-woman hunter party studied the group as the obvious off-worlders (they knew about the ring; they'd received visitors before, and had them settled into the culture quite nicely, thankyouverymuch... but that was long ago, in the stories of the elders in the city.) stopped just short of the ruins. Were those really... men, armed? A few of them towered over the women-- and was that... the women were heeding the mens' words and strange motions?

The obvious leader of the small party, a light-robed woman of some strength and command, a brunette named Seema, watched with keen interest as a lone man that was sent to the side approached where they were hidden. Well, it wasn't so much 'hidden' as having a good vantage point. A whisper came from another like-dressed woman, Rai, "I know that Asima is looking for a First Husband."

"No," came the reply, "she won't be back for a couple more moon cycles. She's gone to the city," her tones hushed. There were murmurs of acknowledgment at the information.

Dark eyes turned back to the main group, now approaching the ruins, their guards obviously up. Seema looked around at her group; had they given away their place? Even the deer don't know of their presence until it is too late--

A man, and a woman.. and a group of mixed. Seema, and truly, the entire group wondered at the weapons, more so why they were -allowed- to carry such!

As the group of aliens came closer, Seema made her decision. Nodding to the rest of her group, they'd begin to move as if they're departing, then come around and take the group. If, by some chance, that odd assortment had caught wind of them, they'd also think that they were departing, and not expect contact. She gestured to the rest of her group, motioning in hand-signals that didn't differ by much from the watched.

Moving out among the ruins, they were very careful to use what cover they could, and quite adeptly. They were careful to use the land character to their best advantage, and as they started coming around, looping towards the back of the large group, Seema had her group begin to fan out, making a 'net' of sorts that always worked when hunting. They approached, slowly, methodically, and calmly, though they hadn't lost the curiousity and fascination for the new-comers. There wasn't an outpouring of hostility, but there was... certainty.

"Stop... and put your weapons down." That came from Seema... and as she spoke, the other hunters raised their bows that held nocked arrows, though they didn't draw them back to their cheeks...

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